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Fast and easy: Implementing modular steel safety barriers

Sep 24, 2018, 18:47 PM by User Not Found

Creating a risk-free work environment should be a priority for all industrial site managers. With so much going on, and so much to think about, you want to ensure that the safety barriers on your site are up to the task. As well as strength and durability, they should be easy to install and readjustable should your requirements change. Modular safety barriers tick all of these boxes, so here are some tips to ensure you choose the right barrier for your site, and know how to install it quickly and effectively. 

Planning for your modular steel safety barrier 

To make the later phases of implementing safety barriers run smoothly, you need to plan exactly what you want, and how it will fit into your site. It's important to note that we won't be discussing traffic barriers here, as these have different requirements and further considerations to take into account.

Easy to follow instructions makes the Monowills modular safety barrier quick to install.Modular safety barriers are easy to install.

The benefit of modular safety barriers such as the Monowills Link is that they can be easily adjusted to suit your site. You don't need to provide detailed drawings, and there's no need to undertake a meticulous site survey as modular safety barriers can be easily fine-tuned to account for the rise and fall of walking surfaces.

With the Link system, you simply need to decide whether you want it to arrive in component form or pre-assembled. By purchasing the standard links in their component form you can radically reduce the freight costs often associated with transporting materials to site. With other safety barriers freight costs alone can soon add up, so the cost effective nature of modular handrail systems is a big plus.

To make the later phases of implementing your safety barriers run smoothly, you need to plan exactly what you want, and how it will fit into your site.

You also want to decide if you need to add any extra features such as kick plates or balustrade panels. These components will add to the strength and safety of your barriers, offering greater protection to your staff.

Webforge even offers an online Link Builder tool which allows you to build your system and provides an immediate, detailed quote.

Once your modular barriers arrive on site, you're able to start erecting them immediately as there's no need for welding or hot work in the installation process. Purchasing a system where the components are already finished, often through galvanising, will also speed up the process  once they arrive to your site.

Monowills safety barriers are quick to install because they don't require hot work.Hot work isn't required when assembling the Monowills modular safety barrier.

Installing your modular steel safety barrier 

Installation is where the benefits of modular systems really become apparent. These safety barriers offer the ease of installation you require when it comes to making your site a safer place to work, as this is something that really can't wait.

Your barriers should come with full instructions on how to correctly install them, but here's an example of how it can be easy with the Monowills Link: 

  1. Establish your first post and secure it.
  2. Slide your stanchions into an approximate position on the top barrier rail and insert this rail into the first post.
  3. Insert the middle rail post, and slide the stanchion to secure it.
  4. Position the base plate, and secure it.
  5. Repeat: continue connecting the top and middle rails and base plates into position.
  6. Insert the last stanchion and secure it.
  7. Tighten any grub screws to lock the rails into position.

It's as simple as that to install a long lasting and strong safety barrier on your site.


Industrial sites aren't static, so adjustability is another big positive of modular steel safety barriers. The standard components of the Monowills Link are fully adjustable so you can tailor the product to optimise it for use on your site.

Industrial sites aren't static, so adjustability is another big plus of modular steel safety barriers.

However, don't think that this adjustability comes at the expense of strength. While Link components are made from malleable mild steel, their tensile strength exceeds 350MPa, meaning you count on them for protection in the areas of your site where it matters the most. 

To add to this security, the system comes with stainless steel grub screws which help prevent corrosion, and offer protection from vandalism. A 7mm hole on the reverse side of each component also leaves space for an optional screw to provide another layer of security. 

Extra components such as stainless steel grub screws make barriers more durable.Stainless steel grub screws offer corrosion and vandalism resistance.

Modular steel safety barriers offer hassle free and reliable protection for your access routes. For more information on how you can implement modular steel safety barriers on your site, get in touch with the team at Webforge today. 

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