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Case study: The Matagarup Bridge project

Sep 24, 2018, 18:45 PM by User Not Found

Opened to the public on July 14th 2018, the Matagarup Bridge is an iconic addition to the Perth landscape. However, the project wasn't all plain sailing. Delays and contract changes meant that quality, experience and coordination were needed to bring this inspiring design to life. Webforge was delighted to bring its years of working within the industrial sector into play to help this project fulfill its potential, and ensure its continued use for years to come.

Let's explore the build.

The Matagarup Bridge connects East Perth and the Burswood peninsula.The Matagarup Bridge will open up the city of Perth.

Which Webforge products were used? 

Webforge supplied steel grating for use in access walkways. These walkways run out of sight, underneath the concrete pedestrian route, to allow a way for maintenance teams to perform work on the structure. In addition, stair treads were supplied for access over these walkways. 

Of course, as with any industrial walkway, the emphasis was on safety, strength and durability. Webforge grating is manufactured from a minimum of Grade 250 Mild Steel, which is specifically designed to deal with high impact, and is compliant with Australian industrial regulations.

There are several options available with Webforge grating that can increase traction; an important safety consideration for industrial access routes. This includes serrated grating, which actively improves slip resistance, and a range of pattern choices that take this even further.

In the case of the Matagarup Bridge, the steel grating was also hot-dip galvanised. This process applies a layer of zinc to the steel which protects it from corrosion. Therefore the maintenance access ways on the bridge are shielded from the worst that the weather can throw at them and, as a result, will last longer. Hot-dip galvanisation is the fastest of the protection methods, and is also environmentally friendly due to the recyclable properties of zinc.

Webforge access walkways provide reliable and durable solutions for maintenance teams.Webforge provided steel gratings for access walkways to allow the bridge to be easily maintained.

Project Requirements

With such an important build, deadlines were clearly an important consideration. This meant that from the get-go time was a huge pressure. 

The Webforge Project Management team worked with our partners in the project to determine priorities, and ensure on-time delivery.

With over 70 years' experience in specialist manufacturing, Webforge is trusted by our clients to deliver products on time, and on brief. Under the tight timelines imposed by the Matagarup Bridge project, we worked with our partners to determine priority areas and deliver our products accordingly, allowing the build to continue as planned. 

It's in conditions like this where the Webforge Project Management team really comes into its own. 

This service not only acts as a quality control for our products, but is a point of communication for customers, allowing for better coordination and updates on our deliverables. This means our clients are able to notify us of changes to their requirements, and be better prepared for the arrival of Webforge products onto their sites. 

The Matagarup design has many different interpretations.The iconic design has changed the landscape of Perth.

What does the Matagarup Bridge mean for Perth?

With a total pedestrian span of 560 metres, the Matagarup Bridge has opened Perth up, allowing unprecedented access for tourists and locals alike. The bridge connects East Perth to the Burswood Peninsula, and gives an easy path to the city's Optus Stadium, home to many of the city's biggest sporting and entertainment events.

However, the bridge is much more than simply an access route. The name Matagarup comes from the language of Perth's traditional landowners, the Whadjuk, and refers to the area around Heirisson Island where the water is only leg deep. This nod to aboriginal culture is continued in the bridge's architectural design, which has been likened to a Wagyl - a dreamtime sea serpent credited with creating the Swan river which the structure now spans.

There are, of course, other interpretations of the design including one black and one white swan joined in the middle by the wishbone.

The name Matagarup comes from the language of Perth's traditional landowners, the Whadjuk.

Whatever your eye conjures up when viewing the bridge, there is no doubt that its construction is a landmark moment for the city. With LED lights installed to liven up the night, and plans for a bridge-climb activity similar to Sydney Harbour Bridge, there's no doubt that it will become an important tourist draw for Perth in the years to come. Webforge is proud of its involvement in the design's completion. 

With the ability to customise our products to your project, and a proven track record of supplying to industrial operations across the world, we're sure we can deliver whatever you need. Get in touch with Webforge today to discuss your specific requirements. 

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