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Top 3 innovative uses of steel tourist walkways worldwide

Aug 27, 2017, 17:56 PM by User Not Found

Webforge's diverse range of durable walkways and stairway systems are industry-celebrated across Australia for their safety design and focus on satisfying the requirements of the client, no matter the brief. With a steel walkway built to last, the world's natural beauties become accessible to everyone, no matter the dizzying heights or conditions. Below are three examples of the ways durable steel walkways have been used to bring amazing scenery to pedestrian access.

With a steel walkway built to last, the world's beauty becomes accessible to everyone, no matter the dizzying heights or conditions.


Our first stop on the round-the-world trip is to Switzerland's Europabrucke, in the picturesque town of Randa. At nearly 950 m long, it is the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge, and custom-built to replace the old crossing, which was closed in 2010 due to damage.

The new bridge is designed to minimise any swinging in high winds, supported by nearly eight tonnes of steel cables. The steel walkway is built with durability in mind to resist the extreme weather conditions of the Swiss mountains, a trait shared with Webforge's own robust range.


Next we move to China's Tianmen Mountain, where the 'Coiled Dragon Cliff' skywalk has just celebrated it's one year anniversary. At a dizzying 1,400 m above sea level and 100 m long, the walkway's glass floor has visitors weak at the knees as they traverse the beautiful mountainside.

The walkway is built with maximum safety in mind - a reinforced steel substrate and strengthened safety barriers resistant to the impact of slips or falls were part of the design, much like the dynamic range boasted by Webforge.


Iguazu Falls, on the Brazilian/Argentinean border, boasts a waterfall and scenery unlike anywhere else. To encourage tourism, a series of steel walkways and platforms have been built to allow pedestrian access to these amazing sights. However, with the constant spray of water from the area's water networks and high rainfall, the danger of wet flooring can be high.

Webforge's innovative grated designs would help remedy the situation and ensure pedestrian safety. Intricate grating is cut into the metal to ensure maximum grip on the durable steel, and the perforations also ensure water doesn't pool dangerously underfoot.

These amazing structures are made possible by a focus on durability and innovative designs to ensure maximum pedestrian safety. These ideas are core to the ethos of Webforge, with all of our products built to Australian Standards and customisable to your exact specifications. No matter if you are building a walkway for your industrial business, or a steel bridge across a mountain side, Webforge have the range and expertise to accommodate your specification. For more information, please contact our professional team today.

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