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Scaling new heights safely with Webforge

Aug 8, 2017, 18:44 PM by Carli Barnes

The Australian industrial manufacturing industry is experiencing a revival in fortunes of late, with nearly 40,000 jobs created in June, the second largest employment growth of any industry that month, according to the Australia Institute's Centre for Future Work.

Scaling these heights is only made possible by quality products, with durability, reliability and functionality the minimum requirement of for Webforge. But what remains key to protecting this industry growth is encouraging greater worker safety, particularly when working at height.

If workers in your industrial space are required to cross rooftops or any high spaces, you need to make sure their safety is at the forefront of your mind. Between 2003-2015, 11 per cent of all worker deaths in Australia were due to the effects of a fall from a height, as reported by Safe Work Australia. Luckily, Webforge have a wide range of walkways and grip products that should minimise the risk of slips and encourage safe work in industry.

Between 2003-2015, 11 per cent of all worker deaths in Australia were due to falls from a height.

Strength and durability

Webforge's metal stairways and platforms are designed with maximum strength and durability in mind to resist the damaging effects of all kinds of indoor and outdoor conditions. Built from a variety of metal substrates including mild steel or aluminium, Standards Australia compliant serrated bar cleats are integrated with the design of our raised platforms, preventing the pooling of water or other liquids which could cause rusting or corrosion. Our metal substrates can also be treated with a variety of chemicals, to ensure you get a durable product fit for whatever your purpose is. Pattern design is tailored to specification or each client, and are fashioned with minimum Grade 250 Mild Steel, to ensure resistance to high-impact.

Working at heights has its dangers - Webforge's products minimises these.Working at heights has its dangers - Webforge's products minimises these.

Keeping your grip

Webforge's range is a dream for the safety conscious manager, due to its compliance with the updated requirements of Standards Australia. Available in standard or serrated tread, its anti-slip design gives workers the footing they need to work at heights safely, with flooring design also preventing small objects from falling through their perforations. Our serration patterns come in the A&B fixture, ideal for application in wet and greasy areas, or C&D fixture, which is more lightweight and portable.

Getting to grip with new heights

Webforge's range of quality walkway and stairway options are custom-made with worker safety in mind, ensuring maximum grip and durability in all conditions. Using quality products that keeps workers safe, Australian manufacturing should continue on its rise. For more information on how our range can elevate your workplace health and safety to new heights, please contact our friendly team.

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