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How is Webforge promoting responsible water usage in Australia?

Jul 4, 2017, 22:05 PM by Carli Barnes

Australia is the world's second-driest continent after Antarctica. Its mean annual rainfall is less than 600 mm over 80 per cent of the continent, and less than 300 mm over 50 per cent of the continent, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. As climate change continues and the seasons become even less predictable, Webforge understands that Australia, more so than most countries, needs to develop a plan for safe and responsible water usage.

That's why we worked closely with the Melbourne Desalination Project to provide civil and drainage products pre-made to order to ensure we're doing what we can to help with Australia's water problem. Here's a bit about what the project was and how we helped. 

The Melbourne Desalination Project takes the salt out of sea water to provide a buffer of water for Melbourne. The Melbourne Desalination Project takes the salt out of sea water to provide a buffer of water for Melbourne.

What is the Melbourne Desalination Project?

The Melbourne Desalination Project is Melbourne's only source of water that doesn't rely on rainfall. It works by desalinating sea water and can deliver up to 150 gigalitres (1 billion litres) a year. The idea is that the project can be used as a buffer of water, to provide flexibility for when Victoria's rainfall isn't high enough to sustain Melbourne. 

When required, the desalinated water flows down an 84 km long transfer pipe from Wonthaggi to Berwick, and eventually joins the Silvan Reservoir, where it tops up the normal water supply. 

With Melbourne expected to become Australia's biggest city by 2050 according to Melbourne Water, the Desalination Project is becoming more and more essential. In fact, in the 2016/17 financial year, the Minister for Water ordered 50 billion litres of water from the Project. It is hoped this will redress current low levels of water storage, as well as provide a cushion in case of future severe drought. 

What was Webforge's role?

We're doing as much as we can to help with Australia's water problem.

Webforge is an industry leader that has a proven track record in providing products to a variety of major civil projects. The Melbourne Desalination Project was no different, and we supplied a range of fully fabricated products that were made to order and specifically manufactured to suit Australian standards. 

We work closely with our clients to provide project coordination services, and spend time understanding our customers' needs fully, including delivery schedules and project goals they might have, so we minimise costly delays and installation difficulties. 

Contact us today to find out how Webforge can help on your project. 

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