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How can Webforge help ensure safety when working at heights?

Dec 14, 2016, 18:30 PM by Carli Barnes

Construction workers experience injuries relating to falls from heights more than in all other industries, but the right safety installations are a strong preventative measure.

According to a 2015 construction industry report from Safe Work Australia, 15 per cent of the most recent work-related injuries stemmed from this hazard, compared to just 4 per cent in all other sectors. Given the dangers inherent to the job, awareness, a safety-conscious culture and the right working environment are all essential to mitigating the risk of falling on a construction site.

While construction organisations have strategies for that culture and awareness, Webforge can help contribute to safety through our extensive range of safety barriers and other products designed to ensure a more secure job site.

These three measures, backed by high-quality products from Webforge, can enhance safe environments at construction sites around Australia.

Preventing falls on stairways

With a great deal of up-and-down traffic, stairways are almost constantly in use. Such high frequency can lead to a greater risk of trips and falls, particularly when workers are carrying heavy supplies and equipment while ascending or descending.

Webforge stairway systems are perfectly suited to reduce this hazard, with highly visible anti-slip nosings that provide a superior grip.

Power Station Stair Treads and Handrail#powerstation #stairtreads #handrail

webforge (@webforgeANZ) April 19, 2016

Improving traction on walkways

When solid or liquid materials spill onto working surfaces, the potential for a slipping accident increases dramatically. This is especially true when working with slick chemicals, which exacerbate this risk.

Combatting this hazard on two fronts is simple with Access FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic) Grating. A large open area in the grating allows liquids and debris to pass through walkways, quickly and effectively removing tripping hazards. For further stability, the grating is coated with a resin that contains an embedded coarse grit, offering workers greater traction.

Installing effective barriers

Webforge safety products can play a big role in fall-prevention measures.

Platform and walkway edges, especially at heights, are one of the most important areas of construction infrastructure for ensuring safety. The right barrier in the right place can prevent a minor slip from turning into a serious fall.

The Jumbo Rail system from Webforge is designed with heavy workloads in mind, meeting the needs of the most rigorous job sites. With its steel construction, Jumbo Rail is an excellent option for improving working conditions on high platforms and walkways.

Webforge products are available in a number of configurations to support the needs of your job site. From the material type to sizing and finishing options, customisation ensures that you have a solution custom-tailored to the necessary specifications. Get in touch with Webforge today to learn more.

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