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What are the benefits of a modular handrail system?

In workplace safety, the ability to construct tailored solutions for managing health and safety is crucial in driving down the risk of injury. In industry, there will never be one size that fits all in regards to safety, so it's up to building designers and managers to come up with solutions that meet their needs in line with the best practise guidelines and regulations.

Handrails are no different. They make up a crucial part of preventing slips and falls in workplaces.

Webforge has recently release the new Monowills modular handrail system in order to bridge this gap. In this article we'll be looking more closely at why this product is the right product for your application.

A modular handrail system can improve workplace safety.A modular handrail system can improve workplace safety.

Modular construction: a quick and efficient system

Modular systems pose unique advantages in industry due to their inherent ability to be customised to fit the application, without relying on a costly site survey and design process. In environments that require high attention to worker health and safety, waiting is not often a luxury many can afford.

Having the freedom to design the construction of a modular system can help ensure that it achieves the greatest efficiency of its intended function.

With Webforge Monowills, construction on site is quick and easy, assembled as individual or premade parts with no welding or hot work required. Businesses can utilise their own labour to quickly install a safety barrier quickly and efficiently. With preassembled stanchions, the construction is even quicker.

Because the system is made to perfectly fit your site's layout, the overall risk of injury is reduced.

Because the system is made to perfectly fit your site's layout, the overall risk of injury is reduced.

What makes Monowills Link the right modular handrail?

Strength. The Monowills link components are made from malleable mild steel with a tensile strength of 350 MPa. On top of this, the links also have an inbuilt 7  mm hole at the rear end of each piece for a self-driving screw to provide an extra layer of strength and security.

Visual maintenance for ongoing safety. Ensuring the integrity of a handrail system over time is key for the prevention of accidents. With Monowills Link, inspectors can assess the links for any movement using our plug indicator: any grub screw change is detected; there's no need to physically test the system to ensure its safety.

Falls from a height accounted for over 5 per cent of serious claims in 2015, according to Safe Work Australia. By taking advantage of the Monowills modular system, your business can go a long way to reducing this number.

To find out more, get in touch with the team at Webforge today.

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