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Water Treatment Plant

Treatment Plants

Webforge has supplied platforms, drainage grates, safety barriers and complete safety walkway systems for many desalination  and sewerage/water treatment plants in Australia.

In sewerage/water treatment and desalination plants it is important to consider the environmental conditions when selecting base material for walkways. The Webforge range is available in a variety of base materials to minimize corrosion for maximum life span, no matter what the environmental conditions of the installation. A number of options and accessories are available to prevent slips and variations in grating profile to allow ventilation where needed.

Aluminium grating and handrail is often specified for water/sewerage treatment applications, for its enhanced resistance to corrosion in humid environments. Webforge is able to supply complete aluminium systems, including grating, stair treads and handrail systems and gates.

FRP Grating is often selected for its enhanced anti-slip properties and corrosion resistance combined with its light weight-to-strength ratio.

Gripspan planking is an easy to install alternative, available in aluminium, with excellent anti-slip properties. Gripspan planks are available in 6m stock lengths or cut to size. Superior spanning capabilities requires less support structure.

Provide Webforge with your outline drawings, panel sizes (if rectangular or square), banding requirements, span direction, finish and Webforge will do the rest.

Visit the individual product sections, outlined below, for details on the patterns available, stock panels and options available.  Alternatively, contact Webforge directly, and we can assist.

Webforge products for treatment plants:

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