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Manufacturing Capability & Capacity

Customer Focused Operations

The Webforge network provides a local, national and international footprint across the entire Asia Pacific region.

State-of-the-art technology and LEAN manufacturing principles are incorporated into the customer-centric 'Valmont Way' philosophy, which puts a customer focus on operational process improvements.

All Webforge manufacturing sites are designed to maximise the efficiency and throughput of the individual plant, streamlining process flow and reducing lead times, whilst maintaining stringent quality control. 

OH&S is a core value of our business philosophy, looking after our employees, contractors, suppliers and customers without question. 

Webforge's Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Forge-welded grating and fabrication
  • Swaged aluminium grating
  • Handrail stanchions & components, including self-closing gates
  • Safety Barrier panel fabrication
  • Balustrade panels
  • Drainage grates
  • Security fencing & machinery guarding


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Webforge Asia operates throughout the Asia Pacific region in locations such as  India, New ZealandSingapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, and Australia.