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Monowills Link System Features

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Added security

Link components have a 7mm hole on the rear of each piece for a self drilling screw, for added security (if needed)
Monowills Link Security 2

Visual Maintenance Indicator

Monowills Link offers the ability to visually inspect the system for any loosening of the connections.Using our plug inserts with arrow indicators, any change in the grub screw position is clearly visible. No testing required.
Monowills Link Indicator Plug

Cast Iron Strength

Link components are made from cast iron, with a tensile strength exceeding 350MPa
Monowills Link Casting

TORX head grub screws

Link uses TORX head stainless steel grub screws for superior corrosion and vandalism resistance
Monowills Link Torx

Proven Quality

All Monowills products set the industry benchmark for quality.
Monowills Link has been tested & independently certified to AS/NZ 1657-2013.
Monowills Link Quality

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