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Civil drainage

Civil Drainage

Civil Drainage

Webforge supplies a large range of made to order Mild Steel Grates, which comply with the requirements of AS3996.  

Drainage grates can be custom manufactured to your exact requirements, while still offering acceptable lead times, due to local manufacture.

Talk to your local representative about your requirements, Webforge can provide you with an estimate and drawing for approval prior to manufacture, and still work within tight project deadlines.

Australian Standard AS3996:

The Australian standard sets out strength classifications and the loading conditions applying to these classifications. This provides a good guide for your project's requirements.

  • Class A - Test Load 10kN
    Footways and areas accessible only to pedestrians and pedal cyclists (Extra-light Duty).
  • Class B - Test Load 80kN
    Footways that may be mounted by a vehicle or livestock, and light tractor paths (Light Duty).
  • Class C - Test Load 150kN
    Malls and pedestrian areas open to slow moving commercial vehicles (Medium Duty).
  • Class D - Test Load 210kN
    Carriageways of roads and areas open to commercial vehicles (Heavy Duty).

Webforge can supply mild steel grates to meet Class E requirements; for extreme heavy duty applications. Talk to your sales representative about your project.

Other requirements of AS3996
In addition to strength, AS3996 outlines requirements for gas and water tightness, keyhole dimensions, grate bicycle safety, identification markings, frame dimensions, etc. Talk to your Webforge sales representative about your project requirements.

Specifying drainage grate sizes

The industry convention is to identify the size of drainage grates by specifying the internal clear opening dimensions of the frame. For circular covers this dimension is measured as a diameter. For square and rectangular covers, the normal convention is Width x Length (W x L).

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