Aluminium Grating

Webforge Aluminium GratingWebforge aluminium grating has grown from what was an option to mild steel products catering to different environment requirements, to a product that offers a distinctive and versatile design element now featured on a number of leading edge projects. It provides access to a building while being integrated into the overall design of the building.


Recommended where light weight is important and where quality of appearance is paramount. Material 6063-T6.




Top Surface

The slip resistance of the flooring and walkway product needs to be considered. Standard grating comparies plain square edge flat bars.
To increase slip resistance the following points should be considered on sloping walkways.

Although not mandated by AS 1657 the use of 10 x 10mm square bar cleats or abrasive strips can be used for additional security. ISO 14122.1 recommends cleats between 10° and 20°. Serrated grating can be specified. Stainless steel and any bars 20mm deep will not be serrated.

In addition both steel and aluminium grating can improve their slip resistance by setting the direction of walking over the floor parallel to the loadbars. In steel grating there is better slip resistance in patterns with 100mm cross rod centres. i.e. Patterns A and C.

P Plain
S Serrated
G Grit
R Raised




A Anodised




Powder Coated


Mill Finish


Panel Size

Avaiable in panels up to 1200 x 6000.

1 1000 x 6000 span


1200 x 6000 span